Micro Cleaning Equipment

The company Wandres GmbH Micro-Cleaning is located in Buchenbach-Wagensteig in the Black Forest in southern Germany, and it was established in 1981. Wandres designs and produces cleaning systems for different industry sectors. These cleaning systems either use linear brushes or compressed air assisted nozzles.

The company has specialized in the gentle and effective removal of dust, fibers and micro-particles from product surfaces.

The production range not only includes brush-operated cleaning systems for the single sided and the double sided cleaning, but also Suction Guns and Vac-Blast Cleaners for specific applications. Today, companies from the automobile and electronic industries, the glass and plastic industries and the furniture, paper and printing industries are among Wandres' customers.

In 1998, Wandres GmbH Micro-Cleaning founded a subsidiary in the United States of America. In Europe, the company cooperates with various selected sales agents. In 2004, Wandres founded a subsidiary called Wandres Brush-Hitec GmbH to maintain the high quality standard in the production of its linear brushes.

WANDRES Evomat 05 

The Platinen-Cleaner Evomat 05 cleans blanks, tailored blanks, molded blanks, or aluminum blanks before the feed into a press line.

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WANDRES Robo Sword brush

The Robot Sword Brush allows cleaning of complex three-dimensional surfaces. Good examples are the cleaning of motorcar parts, car bodies and fenders before the final chromophore lacquering process.

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WANDRES Micro-cleaning Suction Gun 

Debris, swarf, dust, fibers, and liquids are safely and quickly collected, and the use of dangerous and uncontrollable compressed air blast is avoided with the WANDRES Mico-Cleaning Suction Gun. Interchangeable nozzles make it extremely easy to use.

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WANDRES Micro-cleaning Vac-Blast Cleaner

This ergonomic unit controls suction and air blow in the Vac-Blast Cleaner. It is ideal for removing virtually inaccessible particles and liquids from blind holes and crevices.

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The Cevomat consists of a sword brush configuration with height adjustment that is surrounded by a protective frame. The Sword Brushes have flexible pressure buffers and can adapt to wavy surfaces.

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WANDRES Sword brush

The Sword Brush™ is a cost-effective and flexible solution for the single-sided cleaning of flat and vaulted surfaces. Due to its narrow design, it may easily be integrated into existing transport systems.

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Double Sword Brush DSH 46 features:

  1. Double sided cleaning
  2. Two linear brushes Quadro, wiping edge to edge
  3. Mechanical height adjustment, both Sword Brushes may be adjusted individually and in a parallel way
  4. Pressure rollers at the infeed and at the outfeed
  5. Protective cover for height adjustment
  6. Mounting brackets to integrate machine at roller conveyor

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This section shows the basic cleaner type CF 05 and in different versions.

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