IVGLOVE_WEBSITE_SELECTS_ALPHA_NOREF03.pngProtech International is proud to be a distributor for IV Glove.

The IV Glove is an FDA-registered anti-bacterial, anti-microbial silicone glove that attaches to a patient's hand to secure IVs.

It features a transparent protective shield allowing medical personnel to inspect IVs without patient disruption, and IV Glove's patented S-clip mechanism secures the IV tubes preventing movement. 

Logo IV Glove.pngThe reality of IV use:

IV Glove is the Solution

Dislodgement is one of the most prevalent issues with existing IV practices and can be caused by a patient's movement, accidental impact,  or linear strain, and can lead to additional health complications such as infiltration and phlebitis. 

IVGLOVE_WEBSITE_SELECTS_ALPHA_REF02.pngThe IV Glove addresses these stabilization issues by safely and comfortably securing the peripheral IV catheter (PIVC) and its tubing to the patient's arm. IV glove comes in multiple sizes making it ideal for patients of all ages.


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