The Cevomat has been especially designed for the double sided cleaning of metal webs.

The Cevomat consists of a Sword Brush configuration with height adjustment that is surrounded by a protective frame. The Sword Brushes have flexible pressure buffers and can adapt to wavy surfaces.

For simple standard applications with webs that have a clean edges (without burrs), we usually provide a Cevomat with only two Sword Brushes. The wiping direction is from edge to edge in this case.

The Cevomat may also have four Sword Brushes. The brushes wipe from the left and the right edge to the opposite edge. They do not, however touch the edges, but rather start wiping the surface just after having passed them. This mechanism allows to clean even webs with sharp edges.

The upper and lower Sword Brush are adjusted to the pass line via a mechanical height adjustment. You may remove the Sword Brushes pneumatically from the surface to thread a new web or to remove the end of a web. Thus, they cannot be damaged during these processes.