Rapha Membranes

 Rapha's top-selling Silicone Membrane, the MS2, was developed in 2003. Through diligent research and development, the membrane continued to undergo optimization composition until 2005. Since then, the  membrane has been sold globally. The MS2 is available in widths 168cm and 200cm and thickness 3mm.

While each batch of membranes is produced, regular quality checks are performed to ensure conformity to ASTMD and ISO norms. As a result, each batch is consistent, guaranteeing high quality products.

The second most popular product is the Natural Rubber Membrane MNK2 which was developed in 2011. After positive feedback from customers, the MNK2 replaced the MNK1 in 2012. The MNK2 has widths 170cm and 200cm and thickness 2.5mm (for presses working with vacuum only) and 4mm.