Motors & Gearboxes

CEDS Duradrive

CEDS Duradrive (former SSB-Duradrive) is a German manufacturer of electric motors, gear boxes and frequency converters for custom solutions as well as for standard applications. 

The range of motors , manufactured by CEDS reaches from standard asynchronous motors with or without gear boxes all the way to servo motors, synchronous motors and frequency converters.

CEDS asynchronoUS servo

Asynchronous Servo motors are robust und universal.

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Generally we offer three types of converters: frequency, servo and universal converters. But we regard this more as a starting point, as with our different modules and configuration options we offer you a converter technology precisely geared to your individual requirements.

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Synchronous servo motors

Synchronous servo motors are precise and highly dynamic.

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CEDS DC motors

DC motors are diverse and variable.


CEDS Spur gears

Spur gears are robust and efficient.


CEDS worm gears

Worm gear are direction changing and self-locking.