Allow Protech International to service and maintain your equipment to achieve maximum production capacity and cost efficiency.



Consulting is one of the most valuable services offered by Protech International. Whether your company is considering new or used equipment purchases, entire production-line purchases, or reconfiguring existing equipment; a consultation with one of our lead engineers will enable you to make the best possible choice for your particular situation.

Protech Healthcare

Established in 2021, Protech Healthcare is a subsect of Protech International and is a distributor for a variety of healthcare products, including IV Glove. Through Protech Healthcare, our mission is to provide customers within the medical industry with unparalleled product knowledge, competitive pricing on products, and quick response and delivery times.

Installation & Relocation

Protech International also offers equipment installations and relocations. From single machines to entire production lines we offer quality service at competitive rates. Our lead engineers spent most of the last 20 years installing new production lines.

Service & Repair

As always our goal is to keep your machinery operating at an optimal level with as little downtime as possible. We accomplish this goal in several ways. We offer scheduled service, emergency service, telephone trouble-shooting, programming, modifications and machine rebuilding.


Providing quality replacement parts at a consistently better price is the cornerstone of our operation. We use several methods to insure quality and cost-efficiency: Importing OEM parts directly from German manufacturers, precision machining of obsolete or expensive parts, multiple sourcing of parts, and distributorship of certain product lines.


Training is another valuable service offered by the Protech International service team. We offer basic and advanced training programs based on the experience level of the employee. The basic training program educates your employees in the proper operation and maintenance of the machinery and includes trouble-shooting common problems.