Evomat 05.jpg

The Platinen-Cleaner Evomat 05 cleans blanks, tailored blanks, molded blanks, or aluminum blanks before the feed into a press line.

The Evomat is a cleaner that is placed on a chassis that also serves as an oil and debris collector. The cleaner will effectively remove particles that damage the surfaces during the deep-drawing and the pressing processes.

It will not degrease the surface. However, the wiping movement of the linear brushes will homogenise the basic grease layer on the blanks' surfaces.

Due to its narrow footprint and the possibility to adapt to different transport speeds, the Evomat Cleaner may also be integrated into existing press lines. It is available in different working widths.

The initial and maintenance costs of an Evomat Cleaner are considerably lower than the respective costs of a traditional washing machine.