CEDS DC motors

The DC motors are secondary, series and compound motors, and permanent magnet motors. Each variant has its own advantages here. DC motors are used generally to wind turbines than blade adjustment and pitch drives.They are found as well as winding drives in the textile industry.  gleichstrommotor_3.jpg

Shunt motors

Convincing case shunt motors as the very stable speeds and your torque is slightly lower.

Series motors

In series-wound motors, it is just the opposite. They have no defined idle speed and its speed is greater than the risk back on the case for shunt motors. However, these motors have high torque. This makes them extremely strong for short periods and are therefore used in starters. For example, in which electric locomotives.

Compound motors

The compound motor, it is also known compound or compound motor combines the advantages of side-and series-wound motor. With its balance of speed and torque, it is used as the drive of pressing and cutting machines.

Permanent magnet field stimulated motors

Permanent magnet stimulated motors have again the advantage that they do not require energy to produce a magnetic field. This improves overall performance even at low efficiency. In addition, they make do with less space.