Kraft Machines & Parts

KRAFT is a family-run company that has been manufacturing special-purpose machinery for six generations. The constant demand for new, innovative and individual solutions determines the way we think and what we do. And we go further – just for you!

Innovation is our driving force and success is our yardstick.

What was new and exciting yesterday is often commonplace today. That's why we always look to the future. Flexibility, expertise, outstanding quality, and efficient chains of communication within the company form the basis for lasting economic success and a healthy future for the KRAFT group. That's why we will continue to base our business on special solutions for any application, and on special-purpose machines for all industries and new markets. 

We are committed to manufacturing in Germany and we remain true to our company philosophy: "creating ideas for rationalized production systems."

Our solution expertise covers the planning, construction, programming, and commissioning of automation systems and plants for a wide range of very different industries and markets. The "one-stop" concept is something we don't just pay lip service to - we demonstrate it every day to our customers. As a provider of all-in-one solutions, it's not just our intent to offer our customers new, innovative ways to improve productivity - it's our obligation. Tomorrow's solutions today.

Our success is based on our versatility.

The KRAFT Group is a dynamic, fast-growing business with extremely positive revenue and profit trends. This is born out by our constantly increasing workforce. Bucking the general trend, we have created new jobs and are becoming an eveN more attractive employer. Doing more, giving more, achieving more. More KRAFT - at every level.

Conveyor systems

KRAFT manufactures custom conveyor systems to ensure that production flows smoothly.

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Gantry systems

Gantry systems are suitable for many different products and applications on a wide range of working levels.

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Kraft Assembly

The services offered by KRAFT range from simple assembly workstations to fully automatic assembly machines.

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Kraft Automation

From the automation of single machines to complete machine and production control systems, KRAFT is your one-stop provider, from project planning to implementation.

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Kraft Packaging

KRAFT helps increase its customers' productivity by providing the ideal solutions for each application.

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Kraft Storage

KRAFT offers flexible custom solutions on every level. When it comes to storage we make a practical distinction between buffer and storage systems.

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Kraft Production Lines

KRAFT acts as a general contractor for the entire development process.

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Kraft Doors and Frames

A wider range of products also means a wider variety of options.

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5 axle milling technology

Treatment centres CNC for the wooden industry, aluminium industry and plastic industry.

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Kraft synchropress®

intelligent press-system for serial production and tool tryouts

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KRAFT Double End Tenoner

KRAFT manufactures Double End Tenoners for high speed and high precision.

NEW: the narrow chain for narrow and wide planks....

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