4 Ways a CNC Machine Will Boost Your Woodworking Business

release date: 1/13/2017

tags: Woodworking, CNC Machines

CNC machines are, some say, the future of woodworking. Will a CNC machine (or two, or three?) improve your business? Here are four ways woodworkers say CNC machines make their work better. READ MORE

What Makes European Woodworking Machinery Superior?

release date: 1/6/2017

tags: Manufacturing

We’ve talked before about why Germans are so good at manufacturing, but did you know that, as a whole, the European Woodworking industry is considered the best in all the world? It makes sense that given a long history with handwork and craftsmanship, Europe would still be leading the way in woodworking, but why is the machinery made in Europe superior to everything else on the market? READ MORE

3 Manufacturing Trends for 2017

release date: 12/30/2016

tags: Manufacturing, Trends

The manufacturing sector has undergone a lot of changes over the last ten years, and forecasts for 2017 and beyond show even more disruption. Technology is improving the processes and functionality behind much of today’s industrial machinery, presenting both opportunities and challenges to manufacturers. READ MORE

3 Things to Consider When Buying an Industrial Sander

release date: 12/16/2016

tags: Woodworking, Sanding

Purchasing an industrial sander is an investment. When upgrading from handheld sanders to larger, higher-volume machines, knowing what factors to consider can make all the difference. You want equipment that performs the job at hand, not the equipment you have to work around. READ MORE

Brand Spotlight: END-Armaturen

release date: 12/9/2016

tags: Brand Spotlights, END-Armaturen, Valves

In the machining industry, when people think “valves,” they often think “END-Armaturen.” Since the very early 1980s, END-Armaturen has been the go-to for production and development of custom valve solutions. Protech International is proud to be a partner in the distribution and repair of END-Armaturen valves in the American market. READ MORE

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