4 Ways a CNC Machine Will Boost Your Woodworking Business

release date: 01/13/2017

tags: Woodworking, CNC Machines

woodworking-protech.jpegCNC machines are, some say, the future of woodworking. Although real purists sometimes scoff at wood made with computer numerical control (CNC) machines as the antithesis of “hand-carved,” commercial woodworkers hail CNC technology as the key to large-scale wood manufacturing.

Will a CNC machine (or two, or three?) improve your business? Here are four ways woodworkers say CNC machines make their work better.

1. CNC Machines Save Money

The average hobby woodworker alone can spend $6,000-$8,000 just on hand tools. For a commercial operation, imagine the cost savings that come from avoiding purchasing multiple tools for the same job and instead, purchasing one multi-function CNC tool. Over time, CNC machines require less maintenance and therefore less costly than a litany of comparable hand and small power tools.

2. CNC Machines make Intricate Jobs Faster

CNC machines have been a gamechanger in the world of fine carpentry. For delicate, intricate molding work and detailed woodcarving, CNC machines take the guesswork and exhaustion out of the equation. With a programmable machine, woodworkers can spend the hours and hours saved on each piece designing new pieces, additional runs, and considering the business side of production.

3. CNC Machines Reduce Labor Requirements

Before the introduction of CNC machines into the woodworking industry, nearly every machine had to be manned at all times by a qualified professional. Computerized machinery allows for less direct monitoring, up to three or four machines per monitor. This allows woodworking facilities to work leaner, saving them money in the long run.

4. CNC Machines Bring Uniformity 

For a commercial woodworking business, nothing is more important than reliability. For your customers, being able to depend on your furniture or cabinets or laminate sheets to be exactly the size and specification they ordered is critical; CNC machines allow woodworkers to guarantee that kind of precision.

What kind of CNC machines are most common in woodworking? CNC routers, CNC lathes, and task-specific CNCs are some of the most-requested, but many machines can be programmed to perform a wide variety of responsibilities.

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