Brand Spotlight: RÄDER-VOGEL

release date: 5/3/2019

tags: Brand Spotlights, Räder-Vogel

Protech International is proud to be an official supplier of RÄDER-VOGEL wheels and castors. RÄDER-VOGEL has been producing wheels and castors since 1946 and is one of the leading manufacturers of VULKOLLAN® wheels and castors throughout the world. READ MORE

Brand Spotlight: CEDS DURADRIVE Motors and Gearboxes

release date: 4/4/2019

tags: Brand Spotlights, CEDS DURADRIVE

Protech International is proud to be an official supplier for CEDS DURADRIVE, formerly known as SSB-Duradrive. CEDS DURADRIVE (Customized Electrical Drive Systems) is a German manufacturer of electric motors, gear boxes, and frequency converters for standard applications, as well as custom solutions. READ MORE

What it Looks Like to Work with Protech International

release date: 3/21/2019

tags: Training, Consulting, Repairs, Installation & Relocation

Protech International is a full-service provider of machines, parts, service, and consulting. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a replacement part or repair, needing a consultant to provide insights into the best solutions for your particular need, or seeking someone to assist you in setting up your operation from the ground up, Protech International is your one-stop shop. READ MORE

3 Tips for Increasing Productivity Among Machine Operators

release date: 3/4/2019

tags: OEE, Manufacturing, Training

Here are three tips you can implement right away to increase productivity among machine operators, with the result of increasing performance in your facility. READ MORE

How to Use an OEE Calculation to Improve Performance

release date: 2/8/2019

tags: OEE

Did you know that out of the planned production time, most manufacturing lines are only roughly 60 percent productive? OEE, or overall equipment effectiveness, measures the time that manufacturing lines are actually productive. READ MORE

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