3 Things to Consider When Relocating Machinery

release date: 04/05/2017

tags: Machine Maintenance, Machine Relocation

protech-international-gears.jpegRelocating machinery can be a costly, sensitive endeavor. There are dozens of reasons a facility might choose to rearrange machines: for better workflow, to accommodate new machinery, or even to improve safety on the floor.

Relocating machinery isn’t confined to in-house moves, either. In many cases – particularly in industries where buying and selling used machinery is common – “relocating” can even mean moving equipment to another site entirely.

Is there a relocation in your future? If so, consider the following…

1. Use an Installer to Disassemble and Reassemble the Machine(s)

In many instances, machines can be highly sensitive to factors like humidity, jostling, and dust. With dozens if not hundreds of moving parts, disassembling (even partially) can lead to lost pieces, costing you time and money.

Working with a qualified professional machinery installer, preferably the same installer who set the machine up in the first place ensures objectivity. It’s also a good idea to have the installer stay to run thorough testing on the machines after they’ve been moved, particularly if they require calibration.

2. Offsite Moves Require Special Care

Maybe you’re moving your entire shop across the country, or maybe you’re selling one or two key pieces to an overseas manufacturer. Offsite machinery moves require resources outside the wheelhouse of most manufacturers – turning to a rigger can be the most cost-effective way to move machines.

In some situations, the machine(s) will need to be stored for a period of time in a warehouse or shipping container, so it’s important you choose a moving company that offers competitive storage rates as well as climate-controlled, secure storage.

In most cases, it is incumbent on the seller of the machine to get it to the buyer in one piece, so taking special care in the interim can salvage a deal.

3. Choose an Installer Familiar With the Entire Production Line

When possible, work with an installer that has a lot of experience installing entire product lines in the industry. These professionals can easily spot misalignments and lost efficiencies, helping you choose a better layout for your new or existing machines than you may have seen yourself.

In most cases, experienced industry installers can easily start up and complete test runs after install. It’s always best to work with an installer who charges a turn-key price, not hourly or per-piece, as budget overages can be quite common during an unpredictable move.

Looking to relocate machinery or install a new piece on your factory floor? Protech International has over 20 years of experience moving, installing, and rearranging new and used machines in various manufacturing industries.

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