What Makes European Woodworking Machinery Superior?

release date: 01/06/2017

tags: Manufacturing

europe-protech-international.jpegWe’ve talked before about why Germans are so good at manufacturing, but did you know that, as a whole, the European Woodworking industry is considered the best in all the world? It makes sense that given a long history with handwork and craftsmanship, Europe would still be leading the way in woodworking, but why is the machinery made in Europe superior to everything else on the market?

Investment in Technology

It’s hard to understand how reliably European companies invest in their own technologies. From R&D to scalability, European manufacturers are continual, consistently pouring vast sums of profit back into capital investments. Why? Because labor costs in Europe are so high, and competition so strong.

Manufacturing companies in Europe can no longer get by on having the most skilled craftsmen or the longest history; today they’ve got to have the most up-to-date technology, and that means better, more efficient machinery. Keeping up with a growing global demand requires heavy investment in tech, and Europeans aren’t shying away.

CNC Machinery is a Top Priority

The scope of CNC Machinery in the European woodworking market is almost unparalleled. Regional European manufacturers are so thoroughly leading the charge in computer-automated machines, they’re actually creating innovations many other countries still haven’t even heard of.

From robotic sanders to automated assembly lines, Europe sees CNC as the future of woodworking, and they’re not wrong.

The Next Generation is Involved

Manufacturing in Europe, particularly in Western Europe, has long been considered a trade rather than just a vocation. It’s no surprise then that tech and manufacturing are beginning to merge, attracting a whole new crop of talent to the industry.

From massive tech incubators that facilitate industrial and mechanical invention to government-sponsored educational programs, Europe’s commitment to being the best at woodworking is unwavering, and it’s starting to show in a growing crop of new innovators.

Protech International works almost exclusively with European woodworking machinery brands because we know they’re the best in the world. To find out more about how Europe’s leading manufacturing companies can help your business grow and operate more efficiently, give Protech’s team a call today.