Brand Spotlight: CEDS DURADRIVE Motors and Gearboxes

release date: 04/04/2019

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title_ceds_duradrive.gifProtech International is proud to be an official supplier for CEDS DURADRIVE, formerly known as SSB-Duradrive. CEDS DURADRIVE (Customized Electrical Drive Systems) is a German manufacturer of electric motors, gearboxes, and frequency converters for standard applications, as well as custom solutions.

What Separates CEDS DURADRIVE from the Competition?

With 40 years of industry experience, CEDS DURADRIVE prides itself on developing and producing durable customized drives for all applications. CEDS DURADRIVE understands standard drives can’t fulfill the required efficiency, torque, speed, overload capacity, or installation space for every application and takes a specialized approach to help you find the correct solution for your application.

How? CEDS DURADRIVE does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to motor technology and drive systems. Rather, CEDS DURADRIVE assists you in determining what you need from your individual drive from the onset - its performance, size, and location in your system - and then ensures that is exactly what you get.

And as a CEDS DURADRIVE partner, Protech International operates exactly the same way. Helping you get the exact motor, gearbox, or converter you need to ensure the operating efficiency you want.

CEDS DURADRIVE Products Offered by Protech International

Protech International is proud to offer a variety of motors, gearboxes, and converters by CEDS DURADRIVE at every day low prices.

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