Brand Spotlight: RÄDER-VOGEL

release date: 05/03/2019

tags: Brand Spotlights, Räder-Vogel

1311_Raeder-Vogel_2012.jpgProtech International is proud to be an official supplier of RÄDER-VOGEL wheels and castors. RÄDER-VOGEL has been producing wheels and castors since 1946 and is one of the leading manufacturers of VULKOLLAN® wheels and castors throughout the world.

What Separates RÄDER-VOGEL from the Competition?

RÄDER-VOGEL wheels and castors can be found across industries -- industrial trucks, extraction technology, storage technology, in industry, retail and crafts. RÄDER-VOGEL’s quality of production and capacity for innovation have made the manufacturer one of the leading manufacturers of wheels, pallet rollers, press-on tyres, and swivel and fixed castors in the world.

With over 30,000 different items produced in Germany and with more than 10,000 customers, RÄDER-VOGEL is known for solving customers’ specific problems and providing superior product quality.


RÄDER-VOGEL implements strict checks in all stages of production and each product goes through intensive testing under arduous conditions to guarantee its high quality.

RÄDER-VOGEL Products Offered by Protech International

Protech International is proud to offer a variety of RÄDER-VOGEL wheels and castors at everyday low prices.


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