Buyer Trust and the Machine Industry

release date: 8/13/2019

tags: Manufacturing, Consulting, Replacement Parts, Used Machinery

Buyer trust is important, but unfortunately, it’s not a top priority for some companies. When it comes to the machine industry, there is no shortage in retailers and suppliers. This can make it difficult when it comes to selecting the right company to partner with to purchase machines and parts, or to use to buy and/or sell used equipment. READ MORE

Bearing Lubrication: Is Grease or Oil Better?

release date: 8/8/2019

tags: Bearings

To keep your bearings running at peak performance, lubrication is important. In fact, not lubricating your bearings is the number one reason bearings fail. Therefore, choosing not only the correct lubricant for your bearings, but also to stick to a lubrication schedule is important. READ MORE

How Downtime Impacts a Manufacturing Plant's Revenue [INFOGRAPHIC]

release date: 8/1/2019

tags: OEE, Unscheduled Downtime, Infographic

Few things can hurt a manufacturing facility quite like unscheduled downtime. Not only does unplanned downtime hurt your plant's productivity and efficiency, but it is incredibly costly to your business. This infographic outlines how downtime impacts a manufacturing plant's revenue. READ MORE

Best Practices for Selling Used Machinery

release date: 8/1/2019

tags: Used Machinery

When it comes to selling used machinery, it makes sense that you want to get the best bang for your buck. After all, the money you get from selling your used equipment is likely going right back into your business to assist you in purchasing new equipment. READ MORE

3 Things to Consider When Searching for a Machine Seller

release date: 7/10/2019

tags: Machine Maintenance, Manufacturing, Replacement Parts, Installation & Relocation

There are a variety of things to consider when searching for a machine retailer for both used or new machines or parts. Without doing your research and using a reputable machine seller, you could wind up paying more than necessary, not having as much inventory to choose from, or worse - you could purchase a machine that never arrives. READ MORE

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