Best Practices for Selling Used Machinery

release date: 08/01/2019

tags: Used Machinery

protech-international-industrial-equipment.jpegWhen it comes to selling used machinery, it makes sense that you want to get the best bang for your buck. After all, the money you get from selling your used equipment is likely going right back into your business to assist you in purchasing new equipment.

While many decide to sell used machinery “by owner,” this often does not result in the best return for the seller. 

As a reseller of used machinery, Protech International offers these suggestions to those wanting to sell their used equipment.

Partner with a Reputable Machine Reseller

Think about everything that goes into selling used machinery. There’s the cost of storing the equipment while it’s not being used, marketing the machinery that’s for sale, negotiating the deal, facilitating inspections of the equipment, and filtering out inquiries to find the legitimate offers.

It’s a time-consuming process.

When you partner with a machine reseller, all of those items come off your plate and you’re able to focus on your business. And by teaming up with a reseller of used machinery with a solid reputation, you can trust they will do right by you and get you the best return for your machinery. 

In fact, some resellers purchase the used equipment from you before going to find a buyer so you receive your return immediately.

Team Up with a Reseller Who is Able to Service or Repair Your Used Machinery

Another consideration when selling your used machinery is to partner with an equipment reseller who can service or repair your used equipment before selling it.

If the used machinery is in need of repairs that cost more than half of the machine’s value, no one is going to want to purchase that used machinery. The potential buyer will consider all the factors that could arise because of that machine such as downtime, stress, and the hassle of finding a qualified machinery repair technician to complete the work.

Oftentimes putting in a small investment to repair the machinery before selling can bring a greater sales value on the used machinery, putting more money in your pocket.

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Talk to Protech International

Not only does Protech International hold a valued reputation for selling used equipment, but Protech International also boasts a team of skilled engineers who are capable of repairing used equipment to increase its resale value. 

Talk to Protech International to learn more about its used machinery resale program.