Buyer Trust and the Machine Industry

release date: 08/13/2019

tags: Manufacturing, Consulting, Replacement Parts, Used Machinery

protech-international-gears.jpegBuyer trust is important, but unfortunately, it’s not a top priority for some companies. 

When it comes to the machine industry, there is no shortage in retailers and suppliers. This can make it difficult when it comes to selecting the right company to partner with to purchase machines and parts, or to use to buy and/or sell used equipment

Building Buyer Trust in the Machine Industry

While many retailers and suppliers are able to get new machines and parts directly from the manufacturer ensuring the equipment is brand new with warranties and guarantees, this is not always the case. 

Some retailers and suppliers use a middleman to receive new equipment. If this is the case, the warranties and guarantees that are offered by the manufacturer are not always contracted into the sale. Customers should question the quality and performance of the new machine if this is the case.

Furthermore, if a company is seeking used machinery, it’s imperative to know what processes the used equipment goes through before the retailer or supplier purchases it for resale. Buyers should inquire about the assurances in the place on the product’s performance and also how the retailer or supplier assessed the quality of the pre-owned machine. 

Trust is the cornerstone between buyers and machine retailers and suppliers, and buyers should have complete confidence in the company they are working with and the machines and parts they are purchasing.

What Separates Protech International from the Competition?

At Protech International, buyer trust and confidence is of utmost importance. Protech holds direct partnerships with top manufacturers, enabling us to assist you in getting the right new or used machine or part for your application at the lowest possible price.

Our engineers hold extensive product knowledge and are able to answer any questions you have regarding the history of a used part, or which machine or part will work best for your business. It’s our goal to save you money on operating costs and keep your machinery functioning at an optimal level.

Learn more about Protech’s brand partnerships, customer relationships, and product inventory. Contact us today.