Brand Spotlight: Hymmen

release date: 11/9/2016

tags: Brand Spotlights, Hymmen

German manufacturer Hymmen has been breaking new ground in machinery since 1892. Specializing in press lines and process automation, Hymmen is a leading name in state-of-the-art manufacturing. READ MORE

Brand Spotlight: Ernst

release date: 10/9/2016

tags: Brand Spotlights, Sanding, Ernst

In Germany, manufacturing is an art. The folks at Paul Ernst Maschinenfabrik GmbH have sanding down to a science, and they’re constantly investing in new technology. Protech International is proud to be the North American representative for Ernst brand sanding products and supplies. READ MORE

Brand Spotlight: Festo Process Control & Automation Solutions

release date: 8/14/2016

tags: Brand Spotlights, Festo

Festo has been a global producer of process control and factory automation solutions for over 80 years. Festo specializes in transformational intelligent automation solutions that stimulate progress and inspire. READ MORE

Brand Spotlight: Wandres

release date: 7/22/2016

tags: Brand Spotlights, Wandres, Micro-Cleaning Equipment

Wandres GmbH was founded in 1981 in the famed Black Forest of Germany. For over 35 years, Wandres has been an industry leader in the production of specialized cleaning equipment designed to remove microparticles from production-ready surfaces. READ MORE

Brand Spotlight: Busse

release date: 7/4/2016

tags: Brand Spotlights, Busse

Headquartered in the beautiful German town of Eselkamp, Busse, in Germany known as “Busse Heizplattentechnik GmbH,” is a leading manufacturer of large-scale heating and cooling plates. Used in myriad commercial applications, Busse’s heating products are consistently renowned as some of the best in the competitive German manufacturing market. READ MORE

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