Brand Spotlight: Busse

release date: 07/04/2016

tags: Brand Spotlights, Busse

busse.pngHeadquartered in the beautiful German town of Eselkamp, Busse, in Germany known as “Busse Heizplattentechnik GmbH,” is a leading manufacturer of large-scale heating and cooling plates. Used in myriad commercial applications, Busse’s heating products are consistently renowned as some of the best in the competitive German manufacturing market.

Busse Quality is Known Worldwide

As a medium-sized company, Busse is proud to keep its production force tight and highly-skilled. Founded in 1986, Busse maintains its size to keep costs low and quality high, and just over 3,000 products leave the plant each year. Though Busse is in the process of a years-long ramping up of capabilities, users of their end-products tell us quality is as good as ever.

Protech International utilizes Busse’s heating and cooling plates as well as forming tools for a variety of client applications. Busse’s main area of specialty is woodworking and wood paneling, so many of our laminating clients, in particular, come to us looking for information and service for Busse machines. Veneered doors and furniture, 3D fronts on cabinets and paneling, sound-insulation elements, and automobile cladding elements are just of a few of the ways Busse’s technology is used in today’s manufacturing sphere.

Factory Applications for Busse Products

For over 20 years, Busse has been a well-known name in factory presses. Faultless heating plates provide seamless seals and aesthetically-pleasing results, and Busse’s models provide temperature ranges from 60-840 degrees Fahrenheit. The efficient circulation of heating and cooling liquids through Busse’s plates is what provides customers with such uniform, accurate pressing abilities.

Protech is an Official US Distributor of Busse Machines & Parts


Protech International is a distributor of Busse products and parts to U.S. companies as well as repair specialists for a variety of Busse products and machines. We can even help you source pre-owned Busse heating plates and other equipment and assist you in integrating the new machinery into your current workflow.

Call us today to find out why Busse is our clients’ preferred brand for heating and cooling presses for woodworking applications. Our engineers are waiting to talk to you!