Brand Spotlight: Hymmen

release date: 11/09/2016

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k-Ueber Hymmen_1.1.jpgHymmen: A German Tradition

German manufacturer Hymmen has been breaking new ground in machinery since 1892. Specializing in press lines and process automation, Hymmen is a leading name in state-of-the-art manufacturing. While the German brand retains the name Hymmen GmbH Maschinen, it’s American services are provided by subsidiary Hymmen EMC.

Located in Bielefeld, Germany, Hymmen’s headquarters is actually considered “medium-sized” by German engineering standards. With over 170 employees worldwide and over a century of tradition, however, Hymmen is anything but average. Since entering the U.S. market, Hymmen has made a strong case for becoming a national leader in direct printing technologies.

Hymmen Technology

The folks at Hymmen like to say they offer their customers a “technological partnership.” By helping clients optimize their production lines, the brand has made a niche for itself as a go-to product provider for efficient, functional assembly and production lines. Protech International is proud to have been selected as the representative for Hymmen parts and products in the North American market.

With a focus on laminating, coating, and printing machines, Hymmen is a well-known name in industries like furniture, composites, and flooring. Their brand is a natural fit for Protech’s many lamination-focused clients. Quality and technology are hallmarks of Hymmen’s product line, and Protech is proud to offer the best pricing on all Hymmen direct printing products and technologies.

How Does Hymmen Fit Into Your Business Model?

What separated Hymmen in a crowded machinery market is their dedication to complete processing lines. By offering fully-integrated production lines for the following processes, Hymmen has earned a reputation for understanding the complexities of the modern production facility.

Protech International is a US Distributor for Hymmen

Curious how Hymmen’s smart solutions could mean more efficiencies for your business? Protech is your authorized Hymmen dealer and representative in the U.S. and our team is ready to hear from you.

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