Brand Spotlight: Wandres

release date: 07/22/2016

tags: Brand Spotlights, Wandres, Micro-Cleaning Equipment

Wandres.jpgWandres GmbH was founded in 1981 in the famed Black Forest of Germany. For over 35 years, Wandres has been an industry leader in the production of specialized cleaning equipment designed to remove microparticles from production-ready surfaces.

ProTech International is proud to be a distributor of Wandres’ state-of-the-art products.

The US arm of Wandres, fully known as “Wandres Brush-Hitec GmbH,” has been maintaining the brand’s highest quality standards stateside since 2004. While some distributors simply carry Wandres products, it’s important to note that ProTech sells, maintains, and trains operators on specialized Wandres units.

What is Micro Cleaning Equipment?

A clean, smooth surface is essential for an efficient production run in most applications. Imagine a run of wood-grain cabinetry, ready for sealant. If dust and wood particles remain on the cabinets – however microscopic – the sealant can’t take hold and the final result may show imperfections. Micro cleaning equipment ensures a spotless surface for finishing, cutting, painting, and more.

How do Wandres’ Products Work?

Wandres offers both stationary and hand-held cleaning implements. The Evomat 05, for example, uses compressed air to clean surfaces like aluminum sheets before pressing. The Micro-Cleaning Suction Gun, conversely, is a hand-held device that uses both compressed air and suction to remove dirt, fibers, and liquids from 3D surfaces that otherwise would be difficult to clean.

In applications like the Suction Gun, Wandres places special attention on the safe collection of refuse through the gun’s intake nozzle itself. Many of Wandres’ products come with interchangeable parts and nozzles to suit several different use types.

What Can Micro-Cleaners Be Used For?

There are several different applications for Wandres’ line of micro-cleaners. For flat panels, Wandres utilizes a blend of brush cleaning and compressed air cleaning to ensure a flawless surface.

Feeder cleaners can clean ‘endless’ materials like spools of aluminum or paper as they’re fed through a compressed air feed. Robot-assisted or hand-held cleaning devices are the best choice for 3D surfaces with unconventional surfaces that collect dust and debris.

For decades, Wandres has been a leader in micro-cleaning supplies for everything from cabinetry to glass to car bodies. Operating in America and all over Europe, Wandres upholds the truest manufacturing standards in everything they build which is why ProTech is delighted to offer several of the brand’s most-requested cleaning products.

For more information on Wandres micro-cleaning devices or to find out how your facility could benefit from a cleaner, more pristine environment, contact the ProTech sales team today.