Providing quality replacement parts at a consistently better price is the cornerstone of our operation. Here at Protech, we use several methods to ensure quality and cost-efficiency: Importing OEM parts directly from German manufacturers, precision machining of obsolete or prohibitively expensive parts, multiple sourcing of parts, and distributorship of certain product lines through quantity purchasing.

Importing parts purchased directly from the original equipment manufacturers in Germany reduces costs considerably. With three German-speaking employees and an office in Munich, Germany, we are able to obtain parts at discounts up to 50 percent. Parts for all German manufactured machinery are available.

Occasionally we receive requests for parts that are no longer available or are only available at excessively high prices. Whenever possible, we offer these parts from our machining facility in Charlotte, NC. They are machined to meet or exceed original tolerances and in many cases wear better than the original parts they replace.

Multiple sourcing of parts is another method we use to secure the best possible parts pricing. It is not unusual for us to check three or four different sources to obtain the best possible pricing for our customers.

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