Service & Repair

At Protech International, our goal is to keep your machinery operating at an optimal level with as little downtime as possible. We accomplish this goal in several ways. We offer scheduled service, emergency service, telephone trouble-shooting, programming, modifications, and equipment rebuilding.

A scheduled maintenance and evaluation plan allows our customers to plan ahead and correct problems before they become serious enough to shut down production. The majority of maintenance and evaluation is done under production conditions to allow the technician the opportunity to view the various functions of the machine under normal operation.

This is the best method of finding problem points and potential parts failures while also allowing production to continue uninterrupted. Upon completion of evaluation, a full report is submitted to the customer along with pricing and delivery time of any problem parts. We also provide the customer with a recommended spare parts list consisting of parts we feel should be kept in stock. This list usually consists of parts prone to failure, parts requiring lengthy delivery times, or parts used in multiple locations on the machine.

In the event emergency service is required, we strive to have a technician available to our customers at all times. We continue to grow our technical staff to ensure assistance is available when needed. If at all possible, we first attempt to solve the problem via telephone trouble-shooting with your maintenance staff. Many times this service saves the time and expense of an on-site visit. Regardless of the remedy needed, our service rates are more cost efficient than those of our competitors.

We also offer machine modifications and reconditioning. Our team of technicians and engineers are capable of design, assembly and installation of the most complex modifications. Generally, these modifications integrate new mechanical or process control technologies into a machine that is built on the same fundamentals as a newer more efficient machine. We are able to quote modifications on a turnkey basis to ensure budget overrun is not an issue.

Reconditioning or rebuilding services are also offered through our service department. Whether your goal is to prepare a machine for sale or to regain full efficiency from an existing machine, we are able to maximize the equipment potential. Rebuilds are also offered on a turnkey basis.