How to Make Selling Used Machinery Easier

release date: 10/08/2019

tags: Manufacturing, Machine Repairs, Used Machinery

protech-international-gold-gears.jpegMost companies don’t know what to do with machinery when they are ready to upgrade or replace equipment. While some might consider selling their used machinery as an option, many are overwhelmed by the work involved with executing the sale and unsure of whether it’s worth any potential money back.

That said, selling your used machinery doesn’t need to be an overwhelming process. Here are three tips to make selling your used machinery easier.

1. Research and Find a Machinery Reseller

First and foremost, know you don’t have to move forward with selling your used machinery alone. Many machinery distributors also sell used machinery and are always on the hunt for pieces they know they can move. 

When looking for a machinery reseller, it’s important to know you’re dealing with a reputable company that is going to give you the best return for your used equipment

Ask yourself: is the company trustworthy? Are they respected in the industry? Have they had successful transactions in the past? Do they have a strong reputation for selling used machinery? 

If the answers are ‘yes,’ then you’re likely looking at a strong partnership to sell your used machinery.

2. Get an Appraisal on Your Used Machinery

Next, get an appraisal on the machinery you’re wanting to resell. If you don’t know what it’s worth, how will you know if you’re getting a good deal with a reseller? 

During an appraisal, you’ll also learn if there are any repairs that could be made to the used machinery that could be completed at low cost and yield a high return on the resell, which leads to the next point.

3. Make Any Recommended Repairs to the Machinery

If your used machinery could use some repairs, ask yourself if the investment to complete the repairs is worth the return you’d get for being able to sell the used machinery for more. 

This is often something you can work with your machinery reseller on. Because they have extensive experience selling used machinery, they can inform you on what kind of ROI you can expect if you make the repairs. 

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Some companies that sell used machinery will also make the repairs. For instance, Protech International sells used machinery and parts and will also complete repairs for you.

Learn About Protech International’s Used Machinery Program

Protech International is proud to be a reputable seller of used machinery and parts. If you’re interested in learning more about our used machinery resale program or our repair services, contact us today.