Why Repair a Machine BEFORE You Sell It?

release date: 09/04/2016

tags: Machine Maintenance, Machine Repairs

protech-international-equipment.jpegIf you’re in the business of machinery you know repairs are something you’ve always got to plan for. Budgeting money, downtime, and training hours towards repair is just savvy manufacturing, as is having a professional machinery repair specialist like Protech International on speed dial.

But if you’re about to put a machine on the used machinery market, why should you spend any more time or money having it repaired? Here are a few reasons to consider.

Repair Shows Care

As we advise all of our consulting clients at Protech, one of the most important considerations to keep in mind when looking for used machinery is what kind of care the current owner provided. Was the machine kept in a climate-controlled facility? Are its gears more worn than they should be, or its oil level dangerously low?

The shape a machine is it gives you a glimpse into its history, and a machine that hasn’t been cared for regularly is likely to have more problems down the line. Repairing your machine before putting it on the open market is one way to signal to buyers that you’ve taken good care of it over time.

Repairs Provide Exponential Value

It’s far, far harder to market a used machine that’s not in working condition. Consider a car: If you were looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle, you’d probably offer a drastically discounted price for one with a big dent in the side.

In actuality, the dent only costs a few hundred dollars to fix but could cost the car owner thousands in lost revenue during the sale. Buyers know a machine in disrepair is more difficult to sell and thus will offer you less.

Consider the 50% Rule

Consumers and professionals are taught time and again about the 50% rule: If repair(s) cost more than half of a machine’s value, replacement is probably a better option. Purchasers of used machinery are likely to use the same standard when considering the work that has to be done to get your machine up to snuff.

They’ll also consider intangibles like downtime, stress, and the hassle of finding a qualified machinery repair technician to do the job. Spending a little upfront will make you more money on the market.

Need to Repair a Machine?

Do you need a machine repaired before you try to sell it? Protech International is your machinery repair expert with technicians experienced in everything from hydraulics to laminating equipment. Give us a call today to talk through your specific case and find out exactly how affordable it is to repair, recondition, or totally replace your existing parts.