Should You Repair or Replace Your CNC Machine?

release date: 10/21/2019

tags: CNC Machines, Machine Repairs

CNC machine.jpgSo the CNC machine in your woodworking facility is beginning to die off. What’s your next move? Should you repair or replace it? 

Just like any type of machinery, CNC machines have a number of intricate parts that need to be repaired and replaced over time. If you don’t keep up with those minor repairs or replace the parts that experience the most wear-and-tear regularly, it’s no surprise your CNC machine will begin to fail over time. The big question is whether it can be brought back from the dead or if it’s time to let your current CNC machine kick the bucket and invest in a replacement.

So what should you do? Consult with an experienced CNC technician, of course.

Consult with an Experienced CNC Technician 

An experienced CNC technician will be able to assess your CNC machine and determine what exactly needs to be repaired or replaced within the machine in order full it to function at maximum productivity again. 

Once a CNC tech has been able to do this, he will either be able to provide you a quote for the repairs himself or he can point you to a reputable CNC machine repair company. 

At this point, it’s really up to you on whether or not the cost of the repairs is cheaper/a smarter investment than purchasing a new CNC machine. The last thing you need is a money pit on your hands, but if the repairs are minor, then this could be the best decision for your woodworking business

Sometimes, the right decision is even to make minor repairs to be able to sell your used equipment at top dollar in order to invest in the purchase of new equipment.

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Whether you decide to invest in a new CNC machine or you decide to invest in repairs and replacement parts for your existing machine, be sure to implement routine maintenance in the future to ensure your CNC machine will run longer and more efficiently so you won’t wind up in the same predicament. 

Contact Protech International

Regardless of what stage you are at in this process, Protech International can help. Our team of experienced consultants can help you assess the current state of your CNC machine and provide a quote for repairs and replacement parts

Then, we can either fix your current CNC machine and/or help you sell it, or assist you in purchasing a new CNC machine.

Contact us today to learn more.