Why is Proper Training So Important for Machine Operators?

release date: 4/5/2017

tags: Safety, Training, Consulting

We see it all too often: Machine operators learning on the job, simply taking on additional tasks as needed until they are fully responsible for operating and managing heavy equipment. Proper training may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the risks of putting ill-prepared operators on the floor are far greater than the cost of proper, continuous training. READ MORE

3 Times it's Smart to Hire an Engineering Consultant

release date: 6/20/2016

tags: Consulting

Hiring an engineering is a big decision. Bringing in an objective party to assess, monitor, and evaluate your facility can be both nerve-wracking and cost-effective, but using the right engineering consulting firm makes all the difference. Consulting is a big part of Protech International’s business model and clients turn to us time and again to help them get the most out of their equipment. READ MORE

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