Why is Proper Training So Important for Machine Operators?

release date: 04/05/2017

tags: Safety, Training, Consulting

protech-international-hard-hats.jpegWe see it all too often: Machine operators learning on the job, simply taking on additional tasks as needed until they are fully responsible for operating and managing heavy equipment. Proper training may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the risks of putting ill-prepared operators on the floor are far greater than the cost of proper, continuous training.

So, why is employee training so important?


The biggest, most obvious reason to properly train your machine operators is to decrease the likelihood of injury. According to OSHA, over 90 workers are killed each week in the U.S. through improper or unsafe work habits.

Knowing exactly how to properly operate a machine as well as its biggest inherent risks is step-one in ensuring your team works smart. Learning on the job is not a good solution when a failed lesson could cost someone their life.


Proper maintenance of heavy, expensive machinery can save you thousands in the long run. Something as simple as regular air-gun cleaning can keep your machine in tip-top shape, helping avoid overloading its receptors and dulling critical components over time.

When your employees have been trained to prevent these issues as they use the machine, you’ll spend less on extensive service repairs, too.


In many cases, qualified machinery training can actually teach your employees how to troubleshoot on the job. Advanced training sessions with only a few employees can cover specific bases everyone on the floor doesn’t necessarily need to know; having someone in the facility capable of basic servicing requirements could save you a lot of down time and money spent on diagnostic repairs.


When your machine operators are familiar with the machine as a piece of a holistic manufacturing process, they’re better equipped to spot inefficiencies on the floor. Knowing the exact capabilities of specific machines can help them detect ways the equipment could be rearranged, or at least communicate more efficiently.

A few hours spent in training may just make your engineers feel more capable, more confident, and more integral to your operation.

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Training is never a waste of money. In fact, proper training of new and seasoned employees has been shown time and again to reduce accidents, lessen downtime, and equip staff to handle minor issues without calling in professional help.

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