3 Tips for Increasing Productivity Among Machine Operators

release date: 03/04/2019

tags: OEE, Manufacturing, Training

engineering-consulting-protech-international.jpegWhen it comes to productivity of any manufacturing plant, the performance of the machine operators is vital. While it’s of the utmost importance that all machines and equipment are maintained regularly to ensure optimum operating time, how these machines are used is just as important to productivity.

Here are three tips you can implement right away to increase productivity among machine operators, with the result of increasing performance in your facility.

1. Proper Training for All Machine Operators

We see it all the time. Machine operators learning on the job as they go. While it might not seem like a big deal in the moment as you’re able to get a new employee up to speed while keeping the machines in production, lack of proper training can be costly not only for your company’s bottom line but for your employee.

Spending the time to properly train all machine operators provides several benefits:

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protech-international-floor-managers.jpeg2. Schedule Routine Inspections on All Equipment

Once your machine operators are trained, schedule routine inspections on all equipment. By having your operators and floor managers inspect the machines and their parts regularly, you’ll be able to find areas that need maintenance, a replacement part, more lubricant, etc.

By having your employees focused on the performance of the intricate parts of the equipment more regularly, you can ensure your operators will be more likely to spot issues quickly.

3. Enforce Quality Control Procedures

Unfortunately, the more a task becomes routine, the easier it is for people to become careless. By enforcing strict quality control procedures, you can ensure your machine operators will be alert, following processes, and remaining productive.

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Need Help Implementing Getting Your Facility Up to Peak Performance?

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