Robot Sword Brush - Cleaning of concave and convex surfaces


The Robot Sword Brush allows cleaning of complex three-dimensional surfaces. Good examples are the cleaning of motorcar parts, car bodies and fenders before the final chromophore lacquering process.

Displacement speed of the robot is approximately 300 - 400 mm/s. This speed is possible both during clocked and continuous operation.

The Robot Sword Brush functions with the Ingromat system. It also disposes of a flexible surface contact area that adapts to concave and convex surfaces. The allowance of the linear brush in relation to the flat surface is +10/-30 mm. The pressure of the linear brush onto the surface is adjustable.

Robot Sword Brush BIR 46:

  1. Flexible surface contact area of the linear brush
  2. Harting plug
  3. Device to control the pressure buffer, the sprayer and the self-cleaning
  4. Ingromat(tm) flow meter and regulator
  5. Pressure switch to monitor the compressed air supply
  6. Crash sensors
  7. Motor without ventilator (suitable for Clean Room applications)
  8. Robot flange (adapted to specific robot)
  9. Process data highway participant

Complete System

  1. Robot Sword Brush BIR 46
  2. Suction filter
  3. Ingromat central supply
  4. 1000 litres of Ingromat (antistatic cleaning agent)
  5. Tornado Nozzle for additional self-cleaning of linear brush and linear brush guide