Busse temperature control

Temperature control + accessories


Busse offers the appropriate controller for every application, from the control cabinet to the output regulator.

Whether for Busse products or for third-party products, Protech International has almost all the replacement parts in stock.

We can offer you an extensive selection of controllers to control the heating plates. We can select the optimal controller to match the heating plate depending on the type and the requirements.

We keep a comprehensive catalogue of spare parts available for you. Replacement parts are also available to you within 48 hours for a large number of Ney products.

Analogue temperature control

For this method we offer a temperature control system with direct-reading remote thermometer. The thermostats have a setpoint value setting and a process value display in accordance with DIN 3340 and they are VDE-tested (Association of German Electrotechnical Engineers). All remote thermometers are fitted with a 3 m or 5m capillary line with a capillary anti-break device. The anti-break device increases the operational reliability of the control system and the heating plates. The temperature controllers can be supplied for the ranges 0 - 160°C, 0 - 200°C and 0 - 250°C. The number of remote thermometers depends on the number of heating plates to be controlled.

Digital temperature control

We recommend the use of microprocessor controllers if particularly accurate measuring results are called for or if the temperature is to be determined at several points on a heating plate. The compact iTron04 controllers are equipped with a switchable actual (process) and set value display. The values are measured by means of a PT-100 resistance thermometer. The measuring ranges are freely programmable.

iTron microprocessor controllers

Jumo_iTron04.jpgThe JUMO iTRON series of controllers comprises universal and freely programmable compact instruments for a variety of control tasks. It consists of five models with the bezel sizes 96mm x 96mm, 96mm x 48mm in portrait and landscape format, 48mm x 48mm, and 48mm x 24mm.

The controllers feature a clearly readable 7-segment display which, depending on the version, is 10 or 20 mm high, for process value and setpoint indication or for dialogues. Only three keys are needed for configuration. Parameter setting is arranged dynamically, and after two operation-free seconds the value is accepted automatically. Self-optimisation, which is provided as standard, establishes the optimum controller parameters by a key stroke. The basic version also includes a ramp function with adjustable gradients. A timer function has been integrated as an extra.

All controllers can be employed as single-setpoint controllers with a limit comparator, or as double-setpoint controllers. The linearisations of the usual transducers are stored. Protection is IP65 at the front and IP20 at the back. The electrical connection is by a plug-in connector with screw terminals. The inputs and outputs are shown in the block structure below.

  • Structured operating and programming layout
  • Self-optimisation
  • Ramp function
  • Timer function
  • Digital input filter with programmable filter time constant
  • 1 limit comparator
  • Limit switch

Capillary tube regulator/contact controller

Hotplates or small electric heating plates can be controlled by means of a permanently mounted contact controller. These controllers are mounted directly onto the heating plate. The position can be freely determined.

Measuring ranges: 0 - 85°C, 0 - 150°C and 0 - 240°C. The controller can also be supplied loose and with a knob (only 0 - 85°C) for installation in shop counters. 


Temperature can also be controlled using a power controller with plug. The maximum connection power is 3000 Watt at 220 Volt. The regulation of the output enables continuously variable temperature control in heating plates and hotplates. 

The output can be regulated between 10 and 100 % via a knob.