Busse medium circulating heating platen


Heating plates for liquid circulating heating

Busse medium heating plates are designed for use with liquid heating and cooling media. By using the existing resources from your own heating system, you can drastically reduce your running costs.

Heating with liquid heating media

An absolute plus over electric heating plates is the flexibility offered by the heating with liquid media. The circulation of the medium provides for a permanent heat exchange within the heating plate. This eliminates the danger of overheating.

This is an advantage when you constantly have to work with changing sizes. Particularly in the case of plate sizes over 3300 mm, the press surface is often not constructed over the entire area. 

Medium heating plates consist of precision tubes welded to a continuous register. Since the tubes conducting the heating media are spaced close together, they produce an even surface temperature. The spaces between are filled with reactance tubes. Depending on the design, aluminum sheets are either screwed onto or bonded to the press surface and the back.

The use of square tubes achieves a greater volume within the heating plate. This results in higher flow rates for the heating media. This in turn leads to a better temperature distribution in comparison with other systems. These heating systems available on the market are composed of several types of metal. The result is a significantly higher number of welded or soldered connections – and therefore more risks as regards tightness.



The continuous register and reactance tubes consist of precision steel tubes. An aluminium press plate is mounted on the press surface. Since it is screwed down, it is easy to replace. Moreover, since the individual components are simply screwed together, it is a simple matter to replace each component on site. The St medium plates are ideal for use at high pressing pressures and for temperatures over 120°C.


The Al medium heating plate is made completely of aluminium. The entire surface of the aluminium sheets is bonded to the welded aluminium continuous register. Since the pressing surface is free of rivets and screws, it is optimally suitable for "slide-through" operation with oversized workpieces and for series production. The Al medium heating plates can be used for temperatures up to 120°C and – like all medium heating plates – they can also be used as recooling plates.

VAR Al plus

The Al plus heating plate is a combination of medium and electric heating plate. An aluminium electric heating plate is bonded onto the welded continuous register made of aluminium tubes for the press surface. The heating of the press is effected by the warm water from the existing heating boiler system. The electric heating is only switched on when higher temperatures are needed.

As with the Kombi electric heating plates, you can choose between an aluminium surface or an anodised press surface. Of course, a Mylar® foil can also be attached.

Busse heating plates for liquid media are available in the following standard dimensions: