Busse heating tables

Heating tables! More flexibility – lower costs!

Acrylic-bound solid surface materials are used in both interior home finishing and in public and commercial buildings – from hotels to healthcare facilities, and from shop design to shipbuilding.


Now is the time to secure your independence for the future.

These materials enable innovative and long-lasting design solutions to be realized through the combination of beauty and durability. Thanks to the options opened up by three-dimensional thermoforming, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

As these materials are processed at temperatures of approx. 150 - 160° C, standard presses are normally unsuitable. It is precisely for these applications that Busse has developed the heating table. Thanks to a stable construction on the one hand and a lack of unnecessary design features on the other hand, we can provide you with a product with a highly interesting price tag. 

The work surface is adapted to the dimensions of the board manufacturers. What's more, the four steering rollers make the Busse heating table a product that can be flexibly deployed.
We are just as flexible in the design of the heating tables. Each product is manufactured to your specifications.

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Technical details: