Busse flexible heating platen

Small batches or individually produced items call for flexibility. The flexible electric heating plates from Busse enable you to work with infinitely new shapes and curved edges.

Individual customer wishes demand flexible tools. Heating plates manufactured to specification fit practically every form and contour desired. You merely produce a corresponding positive template out of multiplex, MDF or chipboard and place the heating plate onto the template as a supplement. 

The shaping possibilities depend on the plate size. Please ask us about special applications.

hobflex2.gif hobflex3.gif hobflex4.gif
Flexible electric heating plates from Busse

  • Follow practically any desired contour
  • Configuration: 2 mm stainless-steel sheet on both outer sides with flexible, pressure-resistant heating
  • The heating filaments are embedded in a flexible carrier material.
  • Infinitely adjustable temperature controller
  • Available in any size required
  • Particularly suitable for processing curved table edges
  • Processing time reduced to a minimum
  • Compressive strength: max. 25 kg/cm²
  • Operating temperature: max. 150°C
  • Minimum bending radius dependent on plate width