Busse electric heating bars

Busse electric heating bars are recommended for bonding veneer and plastic edges – in both frame and edge presses and in workshops. Heating bars have been standard equipment in every carpenter's and joiner's workshop for decades. Everyday operations are inconceivable without these tools, whether in the workshop or on the building site. Admittedly, edge-banding machines are a must in every carpenter's and joiner's workshop nowadays. But, have you ever tried to take your machine with you to the building site? 

Busse electric heating bars are recommended for bonding veneer and plastic edges. Whether in frame and edge presses or used in the craft trades – the electric heating bars from Busse have proven their worth thousands of time over for more than 25 years.

All Busse electrical heating bars are made of thermo-mechanically resistant aluminum profiles and are anodized in a silver color as standard. The easy-maintenance heat conducting system produces a constant, thermostatically controlled surface temperature.

The recessed temperature controller shaft prevents unintentional temperature adjustments. Busse electric heating bars are fitted with a connector protection bracket for reliable operation and a robust 3 meter industrial cable. All electrical heating bars have a cross-section of 64 x 46 mm.

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  • Manufactured from thermomechanically resistant aluminium profiles
  • Anodized in silver as standard
  • Easy-to-maintain heating conductor system
  • Constant surface temperature
  • Countersunk temperature control prevents operating errors
  • The CEE European standard plug allows easy removal of the 3 m power supply cable (included in delivery)
  • Cross-section of all electric heating bars: 64 x 46 mm
  • Intermediate lengths and customized configurations up to 6000 mm on request