Aluminum-made frames and trays

Aluminum Processing


Alongside toolmaking and the manufacture of heating plates, aluminum welded constructions are one of Busse's main areas of expertise.

ind_alu_dichtrahmen.jpgWe have more than a dozen CNC milling machines and high-performance welding stations at our disposal for the manufacture of high-precision finished products.
In the field of joining technology, we deploy various manual welding procedures. Our welding cabins are equipped with modern extraction technology. We use only tables that are totally flat in order to achieve the highest accuracy. 

Our plant and machinery includes several heating presses. These enable us to manufacture large-area tray constructions using adhesive technology under the influence of pressure and temperature. We have already produced charging trays with dimensions of 16,000 x 4,000 mm for various customers in the field of vehicle construction. 

ind_alu_fraesen120px.jpgIn the case of custom manufacturing, we are happy to deploy our entire range of machinery as the sum of our production potential and know-how. In addition to single part manufacture, we also offer our customers the assembly of complete groups of components.

Surface scanning and digitalization

Non-contact optical 3D measurement technology is at our disposal for scanning surfaces. The scanning takes place without contact via a 3D measurement head with a 70 m visual field. The nΣ sensor head of the company 3D-Alliance GmbH is based on the laser light cut triangulation principle. Through the adaptive regulation of the laser, it is also possible to digitalize critical surfaces that can in part not be registered by other optical measuring procedures – such as absorbent or shiny materials. 

The data gained in this way (point clouds) are merged together at the PC workstation. Via a process of surface reconstruction, high-quality surfaces are then generated interactively. 

CAD/CAM workstations

The further processing of the data recorded is carried out at our three CAD/CAM workstations, which can read in practically every data format. 

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