The Brandenburger GL-M material has been developed for applications with high continuous operating temperature. Primary components are high-quality mica fractions combined with silicon-resin impregnation.The insulating materials, pressed to produce laminates, are non-flammable.

Special material characteristics:

Areas of application:

GL-M is mainly used as permanently fixed, all-over heat protection in soldering systems, high-temperature presses and blanking devices. This material is also ideal for induction and electric arc furnaces, as well as switch cabinet and apparatus engineering because it is electrically non-conductive.

Thanks to its excellent properties, this material is suitable for many insulation types; e.g. in
glass processing, in welding systems, in pot soldering machines, or for extrusion dies in
plastics processing.

Temperature resistance (short-term) 600 ℃ 1112 ℉
Temperature resistance (long-term) 400 ℃ 752 ℉
Thermal conductivity 0.3 W/mK 0.17 btu/ft h ℉
Coefficient of the linear expansion 10•10-6 10•10-6
Compressive strength (room temperature) 400 N/mm2 58015.1 psi
Flexual strength 200 N/mm2 29007.5 psi
Compressive strength (200 ℃) 250 N/mm2 36259.4 psi