BRA-GLA N material is a laminate based on high-quality glass fabric combined with a temperature-resistant thermoset resin matrix.

Special material characteristics:

Areas of application:

Used as pressure insulation plate in the manufacturing of dyes and moulds, and as piston and frame insulation on heated presses. Its very high dielectric resistance makes it also suitable for switch cabinet and apparatus engineering.

Temperature resistance (short-term) 230 ℃ 446 ℉
Temperature resistance (long-term) 210 ℃ 410 ℉
Thermal conductivity 0.3 W/mK 0.17 btu/ft h ℉
Coefficient of the linear expansion 10•10-6 10•10-6
Compressive strength (room temperature) 600 N/mm2 87022.6 psi
Flexual strength 550 N/mm2 79770.8 psi
Compressive strength (200 ℃) 290 N/mm2 42060.9 psi