BRANDENBURGER BRA-GLA® 3 was developed especially for the wide range of requirements in the manufacturing of tools and dyes, and consists of a combination of high-quality thermoset resin and fine glass fibers.

Special material characteristics:

Areas of application:

BRA-GLA 3 is mainly used as heat protection for injection moulding machines, as well as on presses, as piston and frame insulation.

With its high e-module, low mass dissipation when exposed to thermal stress for long periods and expansion properties similar to that of steel, BRA-GLA® 3 is suitable for many machine engineering applications; e.g. blow-moulding machines, as well as packaging and extrusion systems.

Its very high dielectric resistance makes it also suitable for switch cabinet and apparatus engineering.

Temperature resistance (short-term) 250 ℃ 482 ℉
Temperature resistance (long-term) 230 ℃ 446 ℉
Thermal conductivity 0.3 W/mK 0.17 btu/ft h ℉
Coefficient of the linear expansion 11•10-6 11•10-6
Compressive strength (room temperature) 650 N/mm2 94274.5 psi
Flexual strength 425 N/mm2 61641 psi
Compressive strength (200 ℃) 350 N/mm2 50763 psi