The BRA-FLEX® material has three layers. The outer layers consist of FP-coated fabric (fluoropolymer-coated), and the inner layer is made of needle-punched glass mats with high thermal insulation capability. The layers are tightly sewn together with highly temperature-resistant thread.

Special material characteristics:

Areas of application:

BRA-FLEX® is suitable for the exterior insulation on large heated moulds. BRA-FLEX® significantly reduces heat losses at open hot-plate areas and provides maximum contact protection, and thus accident prevention.

In the covered areas, skin burns could occur when handling moulds or removing parts from moulds are prevented.

Temperature resistance (short-term) 300 ℃ 572 ℉
Temperature resistance (long-term) 280 ℃ 536 ℉
Thermal conductivity 0.06 W/mK 0.03 btu/ft h ℉