The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Vulkollan Wheels

release date: 03/09/2016

tags: Vulkollan, Räder-Vogel

rv18.jpgThe leading polyurethane used for heavy-duty industrial wheels and castors, Vulkollan is the ideal solution for applications involving high speeds and heavy loads.

Manufactured by the industry leader, Räder-Vogel, Vulkollan wheels and castors are carefully produced to offer optimal results and can be mixed with other ingredients to fit particular applications.

Read on to learn Vulkollan’s unique properties and find out which applications it performs best in.

Vulkollan Properties

Vulkollan wheels are polyurethane produced with Desmodur 15, rather than isocyanides, and have outstanding properties because of the Desmodur 15. Isocyanides lack quality in comparison to Desmodur 15, and this is why Vulkollan wheels suffer least of deformation.

Vulkollan has a high prolongation, high elongation, high rigidity, and high tear-resistance. Because it has an extremely high abrasion resistance, its wheels have up to two times less volume lost by wear compared to rubber wheels.

It remains elastic and shock-absorbing up to -40 degrees Celsius, and, with the exception of the elasticity modulus, a reversible decrease will show most of Vulkollan’s properties at temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius. Over this temperature, permanent damage could take place to the chemical structure.

Standard production hardness’ for Vulkollan wheels are 90 degrees and 95 degrees Sore A. For special applications, different hardness ranges can be produced.

Vulkollan Applications

Vulkollan’s unique mechanical properties are what make it the tread material of choice for wheels and rollers in the industrial industry.

Utilized most frequently in high load and heavy-duty applications to allow maximum efficiency and consistency, Vulkollan wheels and castors can be found on forklifts, conveyors and other high-speed machinery.

For instance, Vulkollan wheels allow forklifts and other industrial vehicles to transport heavy loads at high speeds across uneven surfaces at top performance. This is due to its solid dimensional stability, which ensures the wheels will have little to no deformation when left idle for long periods, and its low self-heating, allowing it to maintain top performance at high temperatures.

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Räder-Vogel has been producing Vulkollan wheels and castors since 1946 and is considered a global leading manufacturer. Strict quality control in all production and testing phases guarantee high quality on all Vulkollan products, and Protech International is proud to be a supplier to the North American market.

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