The Two Big Maintenance Tips to Implement in Your Brewery

release date: 08/29/2019

tags: END-Armaturen, Brewery Parts, Brewing Equipment

brewery-parts-protech-international-2.pngThere’s a lot that goes into running a brewery. And if you’re like most brewmasters, you’re passionate about brewing good beer and you wish the maintenance side of your brewery would take care of itself.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make brewery maintenance seamless and less of a headache so you can keep doing what you do best - brewing great beer! So without further ado, here are two big maintenance tips you can begin today to keep your brewery spick and span and up and running efficiently.

1. Implement a Proper Cleaning Schedule

First and foremost, it’s time to implement a proper cleaning schedule. There are so many items within a brewery that need to be regularly cleaned and inspected that it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks.

By implementing a routine cleaning schedule, you can make sure each piece of equipment - both large and small - within your brewing operation is being cleaned and inspected regularly. Not only will this help your sanitation, but it will also assist you in seeing any equipment or parts starting to fail early on so you can keep your brewing equipment functioning efficiently for longer.

A great way to begin a cleaning regiment is by picking a different part of the brewery to clean and inspect each day. For instance, on Mondays focus on the brew vessels. On Tuesdays, deep clean the floors. On Wednesdays, spend time on the cooler. On Thursdays, inspect the coils in the cooling units. On Fridays, focus on the hoses. You get the idea.

And if you’re looking for some great advice when it comes to cleaning and sanitation, check out this article from Craft Brewing Business where they interviewed Zep, a market leader in chemical cleaning and sanitizing technologies in the food and beverage industries. 

2. Create a Program for Automatically Replacing Brewing Parts

Once you create a proper cleaning schedule, this next step will be easy. It’s time to create a program to automatically replace any brewing parts that have met their end.

The last thing you need is downtime in your beer production, and ultimately sales, because of equipment failure and missing machine parts. If you’re regularly inspecting your equipment and it’s functioning properly, it should take about the same amount of time for wear-and-tear to get the best of the parts that routinely need to be replaced. 

And while it’s best practice to always have a replacement part on hand, you should also have a program in place for automatically ordering another replacement when the part you have on hand is needed.

Whether you have an internal program that alerts you to order a replacement or you manually track the parts you have in storage and which are in queue to be used, it needs to be done in order to maintain your highest level of efficiency.

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