Trends in the Laminating Industry

release date: 07/18/2016

tags: Manufacturing, Laminating

protech-international-operating-machine.jpgThe global laminating industry is a multi-billion-dollar business and encompasses everything from decorative plastics to film. Where is the laminating sector heading, and how will lamination specialists like Protech International pivot as times and needs change?

Housing Starts are Up; So are Laminated Products

Since late 2010, the rise in global new home starts (particularly in the U.S.) has been a boon for the laminated products industry. Plastics, specifically, have seen huge growth as developers request more plastic components for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces in residential properties.

The lack of inventory among many U.S. housing markets means builders are looking to quick-turn solutions for products with custom alternatives, kitchen cabinetry being a good example. Laminated plastic shapes are currently the industry’s fastest-growing sector, growing nearly 4% a year.

Adhesive Technology is Driving Industry Trends

Much of the R&D technology in the lamination sector is focused on adhesives and substrates. The Asia-Pacific markets are particularly keen on adhesive technologies designed specifically for automotive, and globally, biomedical applications are changing the materials and processes behind adhesion.

The rise of shipping (think: Amazon Prime) is driving demand for flexible packing and shipping materials in both the commercial and private sector. Less cure time, fewer emissions, and higher bond strength are all objectives the laminating industry is working towards on the large scale.

Wood Construction is On the Rise

With increased global focus on climate change and sustainable material sourcing, lamination has become a key component in the advancement of new building materials. Skyscrapers, in fact, may be built with little more than wood-and-glue composites in the next few decades. Cross-laminated timber actually has the strength of steel and is highly cost-effective. Using unique laminated building materials means less noise, waste, and time.

Protech International Can Help! 

The team at Protech International works hard to stay fully up-to-date on what’s happening within the broad lamination industry. Not only do these new technologies and trends call for research, but they also require advancements in equipment, parts, and service.

For years, we’ve been one of the most trusted names in German-engineered lamination equipment stateside. Contact our team today to find out what opportunities your business has in store.