The Sad Reality of IV Use in Medical Practices & How to Fix It

release date: 10/25/2021

tags: Protech Healthcare, IV Glove

Did you know 90 percent of hospital patients will receive an IV during their visit? Furthermore, did you know an average 800-bed hospital wastes 5 million dollars a year on IV securement material? 

How, you ask? Because IV dislodgement is one of the most prevalent issues with existing IV practices and the failure rate is 50 percent. 

Why IV Dislodgement is a Problem

Most common in pediatrics and senior care, IV dislodgement can be caused by a patient’s movement, accidental impact, or linear strain, and it can lead to serious issues such as infiltration and phlebitis. In fact, the safety risk due to stabilization issues is 66 percent. And the average amount of time it takes to replace an IV is about 6-20 minutes, which is a big deal when many hospitals and medical practices are understaffed. 

Plus, the costs associated with IV dislodgement are not nominal. In 2018 in the United States, more than 370 million peripheral IV catheters (PIVC) were used and a normal patient averaged 4.4 PIVC changes per visit. 

Meet IV Glove

IVGLOVE_WEBSITE_SELECTS_ALPHA_NOREF03.pngFortunately, IV Glove solves these common dislodgements problems and enables hospitals and other medical offices to save money spent on peripheral IV catheters. 

The IV Glove is a single-use and disposable adhesive-free IV securing system. 

It uses an FDA-registered anti-bacterial, anti-microbial silicone glove that easily attaches to a patient’s hand. The patented S-Clip mechanism secures the tube of the IV preventing movement while the protective shield allows medical personnel to inspect the IV without disruption. 

The IV Glove is significantly more cost-efficient than other short-term peripheral IV replacements, and its passive and non-invasive system protects from accidental impacts and tampering to reduce the risk of dislodgement. 

Get IV Glove Through Protech Healthcare

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