Protech International Offers Kraft Machinery & Parts

release date: 02/24/2016

tags: Kraft, Brand Spotlights

kraft_start.jpgA family-run company for six generations out of Germany, The Kraft Group has been manufacturing special purpose machinery for custom, individual solutions worldwide.

Kraft bases its business on special purpose solutions for any application, and its flexibility, expertise, outstanding quality, and efficiency as a company is what has allowed it to excel in the global market.

With innovation as a driving force and success as the yardstick, the Kraft brand has solidified its name as a top manufacturer of a wide variety of production systems used across all industries and markets.

Covering planning, construction, programming and commissioning of automation systems and plants, Kraft is a “one-stop shop” for manufacturing solutions and Protech International is proud to be a supplier.

Kraft Parts and Products Offered by Protech

Kraft’s goal to be a full-service manufacturer doesn’t get lost through its relationship with Protech. Protech International supplies all Kraft machinery and parts, allowing customers to receive the same one-stop-shop service from Protech.   

The following Kraft machinery can be found through Protech International:

Conveyor Systems

Kraft conveyor systems ensure production flows smoothly for large, robust, heavy products or small, light products with sensitive surfaces. This product ranges from driven and non-driven roller conveyors, chain conveyors, strap conveyors, single and double angle transfer systems, belt conveyors, accumulating conveyors, driven and non-driven cross conveyors, and fully automatic conveyors.

Kraft Assembly

Kraft offers simple and fully automatic assembly machines for sorting, stocking, separating, and product transport.  

Gantry Systems

Gantry systems can handle heavier workpieces, can cover longer travel paths, can reach a greater number of positions, and can be equipped with multiple carriages so several products can be handled simultaneously. Kraft gantry systems are suitable for a wide variety of products and applications.

Kraft Automation

Kraft offers a variety of automation machinery ranging from single machines to complete machine and production control systems. A few examples are machine control systems (PLC), CNC control systems and production control computers.

Kraft Storage

Kraft boasts a variety of custom storage solutions for many different kinds of products.

Kraft Packaging

Kraft packaging machinery allows manufacturers to increase productivity by providing custom packaging solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Kraft Production Lines

Protech offers a variety of Kraft production line equipment in order to help manufacturers create innovative and practical solutions to increase efficiency.

Kraft Synchropress

The Kraft Synchropress is an intelligent press-system for serial production and tool tryouts.

5-Axle Milling Technology

Kraft 5-axle milling technology is a great solution for wood, aluminum, and plastic treatment centers.  

Kraft Double-End Tenoner

The Kraft double-end tenoner features high speed, high precision and custom solutions in a modular system allowing for easy modification and part supply.

Get More Information on Protech International’s Kraft Product Line

Protech International is proud to be a North American representative of The Kraft Group. Protech houses Kraft machinery and parts in its warehouse in Charlotte, NC, allowing for expedited to you. For parts not in stock, Protech is able to ship directly from Kraft in Germany.

Through this exclusive relationship, Protech International is able to offer Kraft machinery and parts at the lowest possible price. Learn more about it’s Kraft product line and to request additional information!