Maintenance Tips: The Importance of Proper Thermal Insulation

release date: 07/18/2017

tags: Thermal Insulation, Machine Maintenance, Brandenburger

Do you operate a laminate or veneer press from Wemhöner, Italpresse, Bürkle, Hymmen, Siempelkamp, Dieffenbacher or Biele? If so, there is a 100% chance your pressing equipment uses thermal insulation components.

used_insulation_3.jpgThese can be non-structural components like heat shields for sensitive electronic components and/or pressure insulation components used to isolate heat between heating platens, steel fixtures, hydraulic cylinders, and components.

In all cases, it is critical to replace insulation components as part of a routine PM schedule. Reason being, insulation components break down over time - especially components under pressure and exposed to the hydraulic fluid.

When these insulation components are ignored, product quality can and will suffer. A myriad of product finish issues arise as pressure during the pressing process becomes uneven due to insulation boards giving way to breakdown from oil penetration and continuous heat. When the material breaks down, there are high and low areas of pressure on the product. Based on our experience, this is a very easy item to overlook when troubleshooting quality issues.

Implement Brandenburger Thermal Insulation 

Protech can help you identify the correct insulation components and is the exclusive US distributor for Brandenburger thermal insulation.

Brandenburger is the industry leader in insulation manufacturing and supplies for most all press manufacturers with OEM insulation components. That said, Brandenburger components are also found in numerous other manufacturing processes from rubber tire manufacturing to plastic injection molding. Plus, there are different grades of insulation making Brandenburger suited for a wide variety of applications from pressing to heat isolation. 

Let Protech International assist you in keeping your pressing machines running efficiently, your product quality high and your operating costs low.