How to make Woodworking Machinery more Energy-Efficient

release date: 09/03/2019

tags: Woodworking, Energy Efficiency

woodworking-protech.jpegIt’s no secret that woodworking machines use a lot of energy between their pumps, fans for dust collection, and in their spindle and servo drive systems. In fact, according to the US Department of Energy (DOC), nearly half of the electricity used in non-metal fabrication industries is consumed by motor-driven equipment.

This begs the question, is there a way to reduce energy consumption with woodworking machinery?

Well, the DOC recommends a systems approach to consider the physical components, the application, and the processes in order to maximize your potential energy savings.

What is the Systems Approach?

When it comes to reducing energy consumption, a systems approach ensures all avenues are considered. This includes power savings mode, cycle time reduction, power monitoring, energy recapture, and energy-efficient components.

When implemented properly, there are success stories of energy savings of 40-50% in woodworking machine tool applications

Use Power Savings Mode

First and foremost, if your machine has a programmable machine control (PMC) interface, be sure to utilize it. Most CNC systems today do have PMC interfaces so when the machine is not in a cycle, the interface can turn off devices based on a schedule considering how long the machine has been idle and the time it takes to restart each component.

By using the power savings mode, you can greatly reduce the amount of energy used in your woodworking facility.

Implement Cycle Time Reduction

The amount of power consumed on a per-part basis when a woodworking machine is in cycle is largely dependent on the cycle time. Software can take into account the machine’s capabilities and then use acceleration/deceleration techniques to optimize.

Implement Power Monitoring

Reviewing historical and real-time data is imperative when it comes to becoming more energy efficient. By displaying the electricity used dynamically and historically, part programming organization and other process-related improvements can be evaluated more effectively.

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