How to Avoid Machine Failure

release date: 09/23/2019

tags: Machine Maintenance, Unscheduled Downtime, Manufacturing, Training, Consulting

protech-international-forklift.jpegDid you know research shows that almost 90 percent of machine failures could be avoided? 

By implementing proper equipment maintenance, you could save your facility a lot of headaches by ensuring your machines are up and running more efficiently and for longer. Waiting until machine failure increases costs significantly. 

However, by addressing the maintenance needs of the machinery when the first signs of failure appear, companies can greatly minimize the repair costs.

Here are three tips to assist you in avoiding machine failure and keeping your machinery up and running without unscheduled downtime.

Tip #1: Plan for Servicing and Extensive Cleaning

The best thing a facility can do to avoid machine failure is to schedule and budget for routine machine service and extensive cleaning. Many machines and pieces of equipment offer service guidelines based on its hours of use, as recommended by the manufacturer. 

By looking at the machinery’s wear of components and failure potential, production and floor managers can make informed and proactive decisions on upcoming services. 

And by implementing routine cleaning - even to the extent of disassembling components of the machine to clean and bring it back to its original state - you’re able to offer machines and parts new life.

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Tip #2: Don’t Wait for Machines to Stop Working

As mentioned prior, don’t wait for your machines to stop working to get them repaired. Not only are you entering the world of unscheduled downtime and all its costs, but you enter the world of limited repair options and a higher risk of damage done to other parts due to compensation. 

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No one wants to halt or slow production, but the downtime associated with a repair after failure is much more extensive and costly than scheduled downtime for a maintenance job.

Tip #3: Stock Up on Replacement Parts

Last, but certainly not least, stock up on replacement parts for the components you know last the shortest amount of time. Not only does this ensure you’re ready to go when you schedule downtime for maintenance, but it also ensures you’re not waiting on a part to arrive before you can fix the machine. This only leads to additional wear and tear on the parts that are compensating. 

Protech International can Help!

Let Protech International assist you in stocking up on the parts you need and creating a maintenance schedule that fits your business model. 

With Protech’s direct partnership with manufacturers, Protech International can supply you with the replacement parts you need faster and for less.  Not to mention, our team of skilled engineers can help you assess the equipment in your facility and create a routine cleaning and maintenance schedule that works for both your equipment and your business.

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